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Our family have been working with Bart for many years since we decided to sell our small business and invest the profits.  The planning and growth that Bart and the team have guided us through has enabled our family to now pay nearly no inheritance tax. Even more importantly, we have now established a charitable fund that will enable future generations to be involved with the local community and help those less fortunate. 

To us, communication is very important. We enjoy talking to Bart as he describes everything using our own words making everything easy to understand. Open and honest communication in all areas, which includes admitting when something doesn’t go as planned, is key to our adviser-client relationship.

I remember the surprise on Bart’s voice when I called him and asked, ‘Maytag or Whirlpool?’ He responded as my stockbroker that one was part of a larger company and the other did not have shares for purchase. I repeated the question: ‘I asked Maytag or Whirlpool?’ and after knowing he was confused I added, ‘You know so much about things, I wanted you to help pick my next dishwasher’. It is not just about finance; it is about trust.


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