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Long Term Care Planning

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Thanks to the world-class care provided by our wonderful NHS, the UK doesn’t currently have any providers of Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance.

As such, there are reasons why you might want to consider planning for additional Long Term Care, to ensure that you or your loved ones can enjoy the life you want in later years.

People in the UK are generally living longer, which is of course good news, but can come with certain financial challenges in terms of care funding.

It’s impossible to predict the exact nature of care that will be required over time, or how long it will be needed for. This makes the costs difficult to calculate.

You may also come to need different types of care, including care at home, specific specialists, or full-time nursing staff. 

Planning for your Long Term Care means you won’t have to rely on local authorities to provide your care, as they may not be willing or able to maintain the levels and types of care you desire.


As licensed Long Term Care specialists,  we’re in this with you for the long haul. We can help you compare all your options and the costs and risks involved with each before you decide which one’s right for you.

Contact us today to start planning for the additional quality care you desire and deserve.

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Frequently asked questions

Am I able to self-fund my Long Term Care?

In the UK it seems to be more favourable for a lot of our clients to self-fund. The Long Term Care Insurance market has gone away, and the cost of long-term care on your own terms has become more expensive.

Is it possible to supplement my LTC policy with government support?

Most Long Term Care plans should address working around the levels of support provided by the government.  The government has a limit on the asset level a client can have before they get fully funded support on long term care and most of our clients are considerably above this level.

Are some assets more favourable to LTC planning?

Yes, there are a number of asset wrappers that can be used used in a plan that is built far in advance of any Long Term Care requirement that are looked upon more favourably.

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