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Complaints Procedure

We’re sorry if things haven’t gone as you expected. By letting us know, we can work with you to understand what’s happened and put it right. If you’re not satisfied with our response, or would rather simply make a complaint, we’ve laid out the process below for you.




In the event that you need to make a complaint, here are the contact details for the Financial Ombudsman:

The Financial Ombudsman, Exchange Tower, London £14 9SR

Web Address:

Telephone: 0800 023 4567

E-mail: [email protected] 

How to complain – advice from the Financial Ombudsman

Talk to the business first – give the business you’re unhappy with a chance to put things right. They have up to eight weeks to give you an answer.

If the business doesn’t answer within eight weeks – or you’re unhappy with what they say – get in touch with us.

Give us more details and we will get in touch with the business.  You can contact us via telephone, email or our online form.  We may need a few extra details if you’re complaining about PPI or packaged bank accounts.