Our approach


Understanding our clients

We believe that effective Wealth Management isn’t just about transactions and meetings, but a deep understanding of each of our clients, and a continual process of matching goals to risk and to returns.

That’s why we developed our wow process, so we can ensure a deep understanding of your personal circumstances and goals, and always keep your money working as hard as it possibly can for you.


Competitive pricing

Experienced investors will know that the market can be volatile at times, and this can make the costs of investment complicated. That’s why we’ve tried to keep our pricing structure as simple and transparent as possible for our clients.

We keep our annual management fee flat and simple, including all the support you need from us over the course of the year. Furthermore, for holding and investing your money, an additional annual percentage of the total value of your investments is chargeable.


Looking to the future

Technology is undeniably the future, allowing faster access to market information and intelligently identifying trends from big data. That’s why we keep an eye on the latest developments and offer them to you wherever possible.


Restricted advice

At Temple Row Financial, we specialise in offering restricted investment advice, which means that we have carefully chosen to limit the range of products and providers we consider before recommending suitable solutions to our clients.


We’d happily talk through our personal approach to Wealth Management and answer any questions you might have.