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WOW process

Our service is designed to impress

Our client experience

We believe it’s not just about transactions and meetings, but a deep understanding of each of our clients, and a continual process of matching goals to risk and to returns.

Saying hello

Perhaps browsing our website piqued your curiosity? Or maybe one of our happy clients referred us - most of our clients come to use through referrals. Regardless of how you come to meet us, we'd be delighted to talk.

Time to talk

Our team will call you to schedule a convenient time for a call with one of our advisors.Meet the team

Getting to know you

One of our team will call you to find out more about your individual circumstances and to assess whether Temple Row Financial has the right solutions for you.

Moving forward

It's great to put a face to a name. We will meet you in person at a time and place convenient to you (or via video link) so we can start to assess your vision and goals, your approach to risk and then consider the appropriate solutions for reaching these goals.

Discovery Interview

If it looks like we can provide suitable solutions for you, then we'll schedule a more detailed Discovery Interview so you can get to know our team better, and we can learn more about your finances.

One of the outputs of this is what we call a Vision Document - a record of what we learn and your financial plans for the future.

Getting started

We gather all the necessary details and, when you decide to go ahead, we collect assets from other financial institutions so we can start to implement your plan.

Implementing solutions

Working to your goals and vision document, our team begins to implement solutions designed to make your money work harder for you.

Regular review

Your solutions are regularly reviewed by our team, and adjusted to best match your goals as the markets change.

We also provide options for you to review your portfolio yourself if you prefer, using a range of portals

Regular updates

You'll have a designated point of contact within our team. We will regularly update you on the status of your investments, and you are welcome to contact us at anytime. Our annual management fee covers all the help you need.

Regular review meetings

We are required under financial regulations to provide you with an annual statement, but we believe in a more personal approach. That's why we issue quarterly statements, and like to see our clients at least once a year, if possible.

You can also talk to us at any time, we're always delighted to help our clients out.

Let's talk

Annual rediscovery

We like to see our clients at least once a year, if possible. The rediscovery meeting is to make sure there have been no significant changes to your life, finances, or goals since we wrote your initial vision document. This helps us keep your portfolio on track.


If you want our WOW process working for you, why not contact us? We’d be happy to talk to you and answer any other questions you might have.

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