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The future

Technology evolves rapidly. In recent years, we’ve seen better connectivity, intelligent notificaitons and machines identifying trends from big data. That’s why we keep an eye on the latest developments and offer them to you wherever possible.


With the introduction of Open Banking, it’s never been easier to bring things together for a clearer, cleaner, fuller picture of your finances.

The use of open APIs enable third-party developers to build applications and services for account holders ranging from open to private data. We’re really interested in how these APIs tie into banking and the backend financials. 

In the past our clients might spend hours finding documentation to bring to our financial meetings, now we spend the time gathering up your information to present to you, and this technology makes it easier.


Push notifications allow alerts to be instantly delivered to your device. The timely delivery of key information has helped people engage with their money more, allowed them to save better, and to think about what and why they are spending.  

This is particularly interesting for younger generations, and has helped to pass on the concepts ingrained into the those generations who lived through difficult times to “watch what you spend and not spend beyond your means”.

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