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Balancing life with a 4-day work week

The team at Temple Row Wealth Management are making strides towards a more balanced life, starting with a shorter working week. Beginning in January 2020, the office will be open normal operating hours Monday through Thursday and provide a mobile number for any urgent enquiries over the weekend.

“The focus for our change is not about the number of hours we work, it’s about firmly putting our clients and their needs at the centre of all of our work, and keeping our focus on their finances working towards their goals,” notes Sonia Santana-Munoz, Financial Client Services Executive for the company.

Julie Williams adds, “I have been working a compressed workweek for many years at the bank and am thrilled with the addition of having a three-day weekend every week.”

The recent LinkedIn posts featuring the world’s youngest PM, Sanna Marin of Finland, stating she is interested in implementing a four-day workweek in her country have proven unfounded, although she was quoted as August as stating: “A four-day workweek, a six-hour workday, why couldn’t that be the next step? Is eight hours the final truth? I think people deserve more time with their families, hobbies, life. This could be the next step for us in working life.”

The new workweek hours are a great benefit to the team – allowing them enough time each week to focus on work and then properly switch off and do fun or relaxing activities. We anticipate an even more excited and energised office and will update you in future posts.

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