P is for aligning products to meet each client’s uniqueness

The final article of the Russell Investments series, “Value of an adviser formula”, highlights the P factor in the formula. P is the value that advisers can potentially provide by aligning the products to the client’s individual circumstances.

C is for a customised client experience

In this third article released by Russell Investments, we want to acknowledge the expanding role of advisers in providing holistic wealth management for entire families starring the C value in the formula, the customised client experience.

B is for Behaviour Coaching

Continuing with the series of articles based on the “Value of an adviser formula” published by Russell Investments, this post looks at the B in the formula: behavioural patterns that investors tend to follow.

A is for active rebalancing

Our partners at Russell Investments are releasing a series of articles based on the “Value of an adviser formula” that we would like to share with all of you. This first article talks about the A part of this formula.

UK Adviser Q2 2021 Review

In the market review and portfolio update for Q2 of 2021, Temple Row has asked the investment manager at Russell Investments, Stephen Doran, for the highlights of what we need to know.

Russell Investments Outlook for Q2

This month, Stephen Doran, Client Portfolio Manager at Russell Investments, reviews the main events starred during the first quarter of 2021. Find out more here.

Growth vs. Value

Have a look at this article to know a bit more about the ongoing discussion on growth vs. value and the forecast for 2021.