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Michelle Dalton

Director of Operations

Michelle is Director of Operations at Temple Row Wealth Management. We’ll let her tell you about herself:

Hi!  I’m Michelle Dalton, Director of Operations at Temple Row Wealth Management.

It’s my job to build and maintain the relationships with our compliance platform and systems partners.  All of the back office support systems, team development and marketing fall under my remit, so every day brings different activities and loads of variety.

Being attracted to statistics and data, I am often found querying reports on platform performance and analysing the cost-effectiveness of one marketing channel over another.  I love research and am able to apply a bit of my creative brain (I’m a professional harpist on the side) to the delivery of the researched information when developing our client communications and news briefings.

Money and how it influences our behaviour fascinates me, so when our company met with Jeff Belkora and learned about the Client Discovery Interview process, I was hooked.  The idea that we could drill down to the emotional core of our decisions and dreams, and create a pragmatic and systematic plan to achieve those goals for others, is powerful and motivates me to find more people we can bring this level of wealth management service to.

My background is in healthcare marketing and high tech PR, not financial services. But with this passion for helping others and the systematic understanding of the similarities of all businesses, the role of Operations suits me very well.

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