This is a Pothole not a Cliff

As we move into the new year, we are starting to see the first shockwaves post the initial hit of Covid-19. February sees the first full month of Joe Biden’s presidency, and there is a lot of speculation over how this may affect the markets. Read the full article here.

Where next for investors?

The article summarises the principal events starring the scenes around the world and how important it is to think about the next steps to take when investing. Join us for a couple of minutes reading this article.

ESG investing

Sustainable investment is a rising trend. Whatever matters to you most, it is perfectly possible to invest with a conscience and make a profit at the same time.

Don’t Fear the Bear

The article highlights what bear and bull markets look like, some historical data on bear markets, and why it makes more sense to prepare than to worry about predicting market downturns.

An Upside to This Down Market

Exploring the regularity of down markets, tips and tricks for staying calm during the down and up cycles, and information on market rebounds from the Depression in 1929 to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Multi-Asset Growth Strategy Update

Many of our clients hold Russell Investments MAGS (Multi-Asset Growth Strategy) in their portfolio. This update explains how the fund has performed in recent months and how that prepares us for this turbulent market affected by Brexit, the US presidential elections and COVID-19.