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Advisors Convene at International Center for Wealth Advisory Excellence to Enhance Client Service


Cortona, Italy recently played host to an annual retreat organized by the International Center for Wealth Advisory Excellence (ICWAE), bringing together some of the most esteemed financial advisors from the United States and Canada. Led by the renowned Halbert Hargrove from Long Beach, this gathering aimed to foster knowledge exchange and provide valuable insights on key topics in the wealth management industry. The retreat focused on areas such as longevity and portfolio management, cyber security, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in wealth management. The primary objective was to empower firms with enhanced strategies that would ultimately improve their ability to serve clients effectively. This pursuit of client-centricity aligns perfectly with the forthcoming Consumer Duty regulations set to be introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

Longevity and Portfolio Management:

During the retreat, Steve, a financial advisor from the newly formed Temple Row Financial, highlighted the importance of incorporating longevity considerations into financial planning. He stated, “As advisors, it is crucial for us to understand that our clients’ financial journeys span their lifetimes. By focusing on longevity and developing tailored investment strategies, we can provide greater financial security and adaptability to meet their evolving needs.”

Cyber Security:

Susie, another participant and a seasoned advisor from Temple Row Financial, emphasized the significance of robust cyber security measures. “In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding our clients’ sensitive information is paramount,” she said. “By adopting cutting-edge technologies and implementing rigorous security protocols, we can instill trust and confidence in our clients, ensuring the protection of their financial assets.”

AI in Wealth Management:

B.D., an advisor known for embracing technological advancements at Temple Row Financial, shared his insights on the integration of AI in wealth management. He explained, “Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize how we serve our clients. By leveraging AI-driven algorithms and machine learning, we can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make data-backed investment decisions that align with our clients’ goals. This allows us to provide a more personalized and proactive approach to wealth management.”

Relevance of the Retreat:

The timing of the ICWAE retreat aligns impeccably with the upcoming Consumer Duty regulations to be implemented by the FCA. The FCA’s focus on improving how firms work with their clients places a premium on enhancing customer service and ensuring clients’ best interests are prioritized. By attending this retreat, advisors, including those from Temple Row Financial, are equipped with valuable knowledge and strategies that enable them to navigate the changing regulatory landscape effectively. The retreat’s emphasis on longevity and portfolio management, cyber security, and AI in wealth management directly addresses the key concerns and challenges advisors face in fulfilling their fiduciary duties.


The ICWAE retreat in Cortona, Italy brought together a cohort of top advisors from the United States and Canada, led by Halbert Hargrove, to address vital topics in wealth management. The retreat provided a platform for knowledge sharing, fostering discussions on longevity and portfolio management, cyber security, and the integration of AI in the industry. As firms, including the newly formed Temple Row Financial, strive to enhance their client service, the insights gained at the retreat are invaluable. With the impending Consumer Duty regulations, this retreat has positioned advisors to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and better serve their clients, ensuring a focus on their best interests and fostering long-term financial success.

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