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100 Years To Thrive

B.D. has been working with the International Center for Advisory Excellence, in partnership with Standford Center on Longevity, to learn about the need to shift our mindset from a state of lamenting the losses associated with aging to a focus on the gains that now go unmeasured and overlooked.

With the advent of preventative medicine, most us will live significantly longer than our ancestors.  The New Map of Life talks about what we can do with these additional 30 years of of life.  The goal is make them happy, active and fulfilled years, instead of ones filled with pain, ill health and a poor mental state.

B.D. will continue to work with ICWAE and this forward-thinking group of wealth managers across the globe, looking at ways to apply this research and information to our financial models for growing and maintaining wealth. 

Here is a link to download the new Map Of Life.

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