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Russell Investments Outlook for Q2

And before we even realised it, we have found ourselves stepping into the second quarter of this calendar year.

This month, Stephen Doran, Client Portfolio Manager at Russell Investments, reviews the main events starred during the first quarter of 2021.

Alongside Sean Clark, Director, Strategic Relationships at Russell Investments, Stephen answers the questions asked by the Temple Row team.

We hear about the strengthening of the U.S. and U.K. markets after having a boost following the success of the vaccine roll-out. They also analyse what the effect of Joe Biden’s presidency is having on the global economy, a high tax high spend approach becoming the norm.

Use the link below to hear more about Q1 including the answers to:

  • Can you please explain the differences between shorter term and longer-term inflation?


  • Have there been any standout performances amongst the managers?


  • What is Russell Investments Outlook going forward?


Watch the full interview here:

Russell Investments Outlook Q2 

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