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Russell Investments Outlook for Q1 2021

Here we are again with another Russell Investments Market Review and Portfolio Update from Stephen Doran, Client Portfolio Manager.

This time Stephen is interviewed by Sean Clark, Director, Strategic Relationships at Russell Investments, and they briefly discuss the main topics featured during Q4 in 2020 and their outlook for the year 2021 ahead.

Some of the questions the Temple Row team asked were:

  • What happened during the second half of the year?
  • Did fixed income perform as expected?
  • What have Russell Investments been doing with their portfolios?
  • What is the outlook on UK equities?
  • What are the implications for the markets in US?
  • What is the Russell view right now and are we expecting to see any significant changes to portfolios?


Use the link below to watch the full interview

Russell Investments Outlook

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