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P is for aligning products to meet each client’s uniqueness

The final article of the Russell Investments series, “Value of an adviser formula”, highlights the P factor in the formula. P is the value that advisers can potentially provide by aligning the investment products they choose to the client’s individual goals, preferences, and circumstances. By doing so, we are recognising that providing the C of the formula (a customised client experience) leads to the P of the formula (products aligned to the client’s goals). That’s how holistic wealth management works: everything is interconnected.

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As financial advisers focus more on providing holistic wealth management services to their clients, time has become one more thing for them to manage. But time is relative, what takes longer? An hour spent waiting in the doctor’s office, or an hour in the company of friends, doing an activity you really enjoy?

Selecting core investments for a group of investors with a similar amount of assets is one thing. Conducting a discovery process with each client to identify their individual goals, preferences, and circumstances, then determining the ideal mix of investments to help them achieve those goals, is another. The latter takes much more time, but it also has greater value.

And that brings us to the concept of time being money. With clients expecting individualised service, and with each having a specific set of goals, needs and circumstances – how do advisers provide the best experience possible and determine the best combination of products in the time they have available?

Leveraging model portfolio options provide increased choice and greater flexibility on how value could be delivered to clients. They allow advisers to focus more on what clients’ value most – the relationship. The time they would have spent researching stocks, meeting portfolio managers and analysts, tracking those stocks, documenting trades, and conducting ongoing research is now available for them to spend with their top clients – giving them the personalised experience they desire.

The deeper the insight that advisers gain into their client’s goals, circumstances and preferences the more likely it is that the model strategies they choose will align with the outcomes they desire. Advisers will find they have created capacity in their day and in their business; clients will feel heard and understood. All are likely to welcome a more personalised experience.

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*** Nothing in this article constitutes advice and all investments carry some level of risk. ***

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