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Celebrating Earth Day

How fascinating are the good news stories about increased animal activity and lower pollution levels during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Russell Investments has written an interesting article discussing the issues where social and environmental awareness and investing intersect that we thought you might appreciate.  Stuck in our houses for the last few weeks, many of us have not seen the positive impact of less travelling and fuel consumption for ourselves, but there are enough news reports and especially first-hand accounts on social media that prove a change in our behaviour will have a positive effect on our planet.  is that sustainable?  Are there incremental changes we can make without too much compromise to maintain this momentum.

Social investing is an area we are personally very interested in, and have had many engaging conversations with you, our lovely clients, about.  So with this article let’s start those conversations in earnest and make sure all of our efforts are creating a positive impact.

Read the article from Russel Investments

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