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In 2017, the formidable Michelle Seitz took the helm at Russell Investments.  Over the last three years she has restructured the executive team, elevated diversity and inclusion efforts, and revamped client offerings emphasising ESG and personalised outcomes. 

This week, Ms Seitz has gone onto Bloomberg Wall Street Week sharing her insights on the economy and investing. 

Her main points are:

1) Emotion is the greatest destructor of wealth.
2) Biology is driving the economy, creating an uneven road to recovery.
3) Virus vs. Stimulus is a Clash of the Titans: $19 trillion, and counting, in fiscal and monetary stimulus is a powerful antidote to lift the global economy.
4) 16.8% is the S&P 500’s annualised total return from the global financial crisis low (3/9/09) to last Thursday’s close (6/25/20). Markets, economies, and people are enormously resilient.

Ms Seitz states we cannot harness this biological occurrence to our timeline, and the recover is more like a dial than a switch, it will go back and forth until we get it right.  And that the speed and size of the monetary and fiscal intervention is unprecedented.

It’s a short, snappy interview. Here’s the link if you would like to watch it:

Michelle Seitz’s Interview

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